7 December 2011

Clothes Show Live Shopping Haul!

As you may know, I travelled to Birmingham last Sunday to go to the Clothes Show Live Expo. I must say, it was a lovely, lovely day out! I ended up only buying a few things and not having enough time to get any photos, but it was still a good day.

Anyway, this post is to show you all the goodies I bought while I was there. And, firstly, my Models Own cosmetics haul. (http://www.modelsownit.com/)

At the event, there was a deal on Models Own cosmetics where if you spent £10 and chose three items, you received a little bag full of make up. The nail polishes on their own are £5, so I chose three of those for the £10 and got all the other bits as a freebie!

Here comes some close ups of all the items individually..

Purple Grey - Lilac Dream - Feeling Blue

Purple Grey - This colour looks quite browny in the photos, but it is quite purplely in the bottle.

Lilac Dream - Although it looks quite pink, it is a very pale purple colour. It's quite a 'pretty' colour which isn't normally my thing, but I thought I'd try it out.

Feeling Blue - I thought this blue was such a generic blue colour, and thought it would be a nice colour to have on my nails, can't wait to try it out!

Up next are the freebies! Firstly, these cute little pots of lip balm.

Ballet Pink - Fuchsia-full

Fuchsia-full - This is a very vibrant pink lip balm, I wonder what it looks like on.

Ballet Pink - This colour is a very nude/pinky colour. Perfect for if you just want a plain colour lip balm.

Duo Eyeshadows!

Summers Day - Moody Blues

Summers Day - A very glittery lilac colour, and a nice bluey teal colour which go so well together.

Moody Blues - Again, very glittery! A black and blue combo.

Eyeshadow Power Pots.

Pale Violet - Purple Sky

Pale Violet - Another purple colour to match the last eyeshadow and the nail varnish. Very nice for a basic look!

Purple Sky - This colour definitely looks more blue than purple, but it's still a very pretty colour. Both pots contain very glittery eyeshadows!

Pencil Eyeliners.

Marine Blue - Fuchsia Pink

Marine Blue - Following the blue/pink trend, this is a lovely dark blue liner. A good substitute for black!

Fuchsia Pink - Another vibrant pink colour. I bet this would look amazing around your eyes!

Fuchsia Fantasy - This is a chunkier eyeliner. More glittery than the previous two!

Sharpener lids!

And all pencil liners come with a sharpener built in to the lid! How cool is that?

Lip Gloss

Glass - Just a plain lipgloss, a basic need!

Last bit of make up.. Mascara!

It's called 'Grow Fast' Mascara, I wonder if it works!
And lastly, a nail buffer.

Just for buying the tickets to the Clothes Show Live, I got a free pair of Tights from Pretty Polly. (http://www.prettypolly.co.uk/)

They are meant to be specially designed to look slimming!

And because they're just so darn cute, a lego Ewok necklace!

As you can tell, all the cosmetics are still in the plastic wrappers. So when I do get round to opening them all, I'll do some tests and some swatches, and give you all a better review of the items. Not so bad for a tenner, though!

Also, I bought a pretty dress while I was there, but I'll post up in a few days when I get round to taking some photos.

Hope you enjoyed the haul!


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