30 November 2011

Circle Lens Giveaway!

Here is a fantastic giveaway from Woxje sponsored by Lensvillage.

There are just a few rules you need to follow and they can be found by clicking on the image above or clicking this link.

Good Luck!

I won! ^_^

On the 24th I found out I was one of the winners of My Kawaii Space's giveaway! Today I got my little prize in the mail and they're some really cute Hello Kitty Stickers!

Cute little kawaii sticker on the envelope, couldn't wait to get inside!

And this is everything laid out..

A cute little Hello Kitty Christmas card with a sweet little note inside.

Thanks so much Emily for the lovely little package and stickers, very grateful! Link

Emily from My Kawaii Space has a lovely blog, such a pleasure to read, so go check it out!

24 November 2011

Clothes Show Live!

Hey Fashionistas!

In the UK there is a yearly event called the Clothes Show Live. It's a big fashion exhibition where you can look around, shop, have makeovers and see a fantastic catwalk show!

Live haircuts and make overs for anyone who walks up! Done by celebrity hairdressers, too!

Not just any ordinary catwalk show, it looks fantastic!

Tickets might still be available. And if you want anymore information or to check for tickets you can go to their website...


I'll be going again this year, and hopefully I'll get some good snaps to show you all! Not long now, only 9 days left. I'm so excited!

Lucy's Stash Giveaway!

Just a quick post about a fantastic giveaway I just encountered!


How fantastic are these nail polish colours? I wonder who'll win them!

Click the image for more information on how to enter!

23 November 2011

New job!

This week, I started my new job in PC World. I did a training day last Sunday and I was in a HUGE Currys/PC World store and I found a few little technological kawaii cuties and I thought I'd share them with you ^_^

First off we have a few mini portable speakers in the shape of some little cute animals..

Little Bunny!

Panda. Ooh!

Bear. Rooarr!

And also some bigger speakers..

A cute little moo-cow!

And lets not forget everyone's favourite Hello Kitty!

I did my first day of proper work yesterday, and my second is tomorrow. It's quite fun. Being surrounded by technology all day is lovely! Hopefully I'll be able to buy some cute speakers soon with my first pay!

Do you have any kawaii tech?

Oyasumi Nasai!

21 November 2011

First Anniversary Giveaway!

KatoKathy's First Anniversary Giveaway!

So many fantastic items in this giveaway! Click the image to enter..
Miko Blog - Miko's First Giveaway!

Mystery Giveaway!

Please click on the image above for more information on how you can enter.

Or.. Click Here.

19 November 2011

Pretty new Notebook!

Hey folks. ^_^

I've bought myself a looovely new notebook this week..

Pretty pink flowers AND on the inside, the lines are pink ^_^ I ran my old notebook dry of pages so I bought myself a pretty one for my next one. I've already started filling it with random rubbish and rants of the day!

And another buy this week..

The image definitely doesn't do it justice! This gorgeous number is from Miss Selfridge, and I bought it from Debenhams. And it was a total steal! Original price was £85. Down to £40. Took it to the till... £24!! The only problem was that they left the alarm tag on -.- I had to go back the next day to get it taken off, but it's fine! It's definitely worth it.



17 November 2011

First Post!

Hello fellow Kawaii-heads!

This is my first post of my first blog, and I have no idea what to write about!


I suppose I'll start off with something quite kawaii that I saw in Cost-Co today...

A Hello Kitty mini fridge! This is definitely something that's going on my Christmas list! What do you guys think?

Another topic I'll be posting about somewhat regularly is how I decide to paint my nails for the week, and whatever new nail varnishes I buy. The other day I bought Rimmel London's 'I Love Lasting Finish' 045 Misty Jade nail varnish. It's such a pretty colour!

The first picture is one coat, the second is two coats. (excuse the few smudges >.< )  I think it looks quite nice, a little bit of a pastel shade.

A few days later I came across 'Cracked' nail varnish. I'm sure you've all heard of it before, it's become quite a trend! But it's the first time I've used it and I think it went quite well. I decided on just doing a few nails on either hand for a quirky effect.

The cracked effect nail varnish I used was Collection 2000 'Nail Smash' topcoat. It's lasted really well for 2/3 days and could probably last longer. It was so good I bought it in white too.

I'll finish up my first blog post with a picture of an adorable kitty! Meet.. Penny Black.

 Caught her having a snooze. Aww!

First blog post. Done!